Sunday, January 25, 2009

Welcome to my table...

I am so excited putting this little spot up! I look forward to sharing some of my favorite recipes...along with pictures of those that have sat around my table over the years. Also, expect to see the recipes of friends and their families...whose tables I have had the pleasure of being invited to sit and partake of their wonderful offerings.

Now let me say this...the table is not limited to the kitchen (although aren't some of our best memories from long ago in plain & simple kitchens.) Of course, there will be the traditional dining room table all decked out in one's finest dinnerwares and linens.

The backyard patio has become a favorite spot since the kids have taken over the grill. Long hours are often spent in anticipation of great smoked meats or fish being served...barely allowing time to cool from the grill before reaching the sticky fingers of the cook (or at times, multiple cooks) and those designated as tasters.

I do hope you all enjoy this page...and I so look forward to your sharing here your favorite recipe...and perhaps a picture of you and those that you love sharing your dining table.

No one recipe is ever the best made forever...for taste buds are fickle...and so, many a time we might just have had the best 'whatever' lasts only till the time someone makes that 'whatever' best!

P.S. If you don't cook or bake, perhaps you will celebrate, by sharing here, the good offerings of those that feed you well!

Mmmm something smells good!